Welcome to the Interwinter Series. Below you will find all of the information relating to categories, race rules and series rules. For any round by round specific information click on the link to that round above. All riders need prove their MTBA membership during registration of each event, or otherwise purchase a Day Licence.

For 2017 we are tweaking from last years categories to add in more age categories.

Categories are:

Elite Male / Female
Open Male / Female (17-29)
Masters 1/2  Male / Female (30-39)
Masters 3/4 Male / Female (40-49)
Masters 5+  Male / Female (50+)
Under 17 Male / Female

Clubs may choose to move riders from Open to Elite or vice versa if that rider is deemed appropriate for that category. Let’s call it the ‘No Sandbagging’ rule.

Race formats
Each round will have an individual race format which is decided upon by the host club.  For more information about a specific round and its format please see the round link.  Formats are designed to be fun and varied so that each rounds may play to strengths of different riders or different terrain’s for race venues. Remember this is club race, its all about fun.

Race Rules
We are not going to bore you here with all of the rules that define mountain bike racing.  These races are run under the banner of Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA). On their site you can find all of the nitty gritty on MTB racing rules, codes of conduct and the like. But we will say this series is about good clean (probably muddy) fun. At all times we expect riders to be respectful of all other riders, volunteers, spectators and the general public. There are no sheep stations up for grabs so lets keep that in mind. You are racing for little more than bragging rights with your friends.

Overtaking on Course
OK so this is one worth discussing. In this series at some rounds you will be in the situation that you are either overtaking or being overtaken. So how does that work. Now we are not talking about the start line here, that’s a case of go like the clappers if you wish, but lets talk about the start after this.
Overtaking is probably the most contentious of issues in MTB racing. It can effect the race result of the leaders and it can be daunting for the slower riders. So how does it work?
There is no ‘right of way’ when it comes to overtaking. Both the overtaking and the overtaker need to respect each other in any situation. If you are the rider overtaking it is important to give the rider in front of you that you are catching clear notice that you wish to over taken. Calls like “coming up to over take” or “2 of us looking to come past” are a good start. Calls like “A grade” or “race leader” whilst amusing are also a bit arrogant so lets go with a more pleasant approach. And general grunting also does not fit the bill. So make a good clear call to the rider you approach that you wish to overtake and then await a time until it is both safe and clear.
If you are the rider being overtaken when somebody calls out from behind it is important to clearly communicate back. It is important you feel safe but it is also important that you make an effort to make it safe. Just saying nothing and continuing along as you were will only create frustration and result in a more dangerous overtaking move.
You may call back “Come past on my right just after this corner” or “After this section” or “Not just yet” but be fair.  You can’t expect that riders can safely overtake you if you do not make an effort to allow them to. Yes you are racing too but we all just want safety. So slow down a fraction and try to pull over a bit if you can.  But if its not safe, then make it clear its not safe and as soon as it is let them know to come past.

Side note – You can’t call overtaking on a rider in your category that you are battling with.  That move has to be done as a race.  Overtaking rules only apply to riders either being lapped or in different categories.  Make sense?


The Race Start
Race starts are often interesting times. We all go hammer and tongs and fight for that first bit of single track and then what.  We will inevitably we have some riders who are great on the start but not so great in single track and vice versa. Races are self seeding. So if you know your not there for the loot at the end maybe try to leave the front few rows for those that are. If you are not so strong in single-track maybe don’t push up so far. It’s up to you, but we just hope its fair for all.




The Series & How it Works
There are 4 rounds in this series and each round earns you points as described below. There is no drop a round so perform your best at each. You just never know what effect that 1 place could have on your results.

At each round $5 per rider being put aside to manufacture the cool trophies and then final kick ass series trophies.

With the addition of all the extra categories in 2017 the clubs have decided to focus on providing trophies at each round and for the series rather than prize money which would end up with like $30 each when split so many ways.   This is a no sheep station series so having the trophies to display should you make a podium is far better reward.

To be eligible for the series prize you must compete in at least 2 rounds.

Series trophies are awarded to 3rd place in each category.

By entering the series you receive a bonus 20 points! Now that’s good value.

If you volunteer at a race in the series (ie don’t race to help out your club or another club event) you will be awarded the same points as the winner of that round. I.e 80 points. You can only receive this points bonus once.


The Points
1st80, 2nd 65, 3rd 55, 4th 48, 5th 43, 6th 38, 7th 33, 8th 29, 9th 25, 10th 22, 11th 20, 12th 19, 13th 18, 14th 17, 15th 16 and 16th to last all get 15 points each.
Did not finish (DNF) will get 15 points
Did not start (DNS) will get 0 points